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Hector Davis a/k/a Panamasta is an internationally known recording artist-producer and impresario who has toured and performed alongside various legendary and popular artists. Panamasta, a recording artist in the genres of Reggaeton/Spanish Reggae and Rap, has been professionally active in the music industry for more than 25 years.

Cipherdim Music(ASCAP) is a media asset-management and consulting company, which holds interest in various music publishing and production companies, real estate developments, and e-commerce web partnerships.



The panamasta.com website represents the best in high-quality lifestyle affluency products and concierge services. We carry exclusive and elite merchandise.  Our team spends countless hours researching and identifying items that can not only complement your life, but enhance and expand your life expectancy. 

We believe that as we create and invest in a life of luxury we should equally invest in our health and the things we put in our body, giving us the ability to enjoy the fruits of our labor in good health, allowing us to feel younger and energized.   

From time to time our offerings include the sale of high-quality accessories, including jewelry, electronic appliances, artifacts, and apparel. 


Always Put Yourself In A Position To #Survive via hectordavis.com

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 Connect with me at panamasta@hotmail.com

 To find music www.myspace.com/panamastacom 

  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hectordavis



 To learn about how to partner with us visit www.hectordavis.com






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